Rise and Shine Higashiyama

Scenic Kyoto Photo Tour

Snap the morning light as the city wakes up

Thanks Núria for a fabulous morning. It was such a beautiful way to start the day and see the streets of Kyoto as they are just waking up. If you love photography and want to see some beautiful parts of this spectacular city then Núria can show you the way.
April 2018
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This was a beautiful tour in around the shrines and a historic old school Kyoto neighborhood. Núria is awesome she has lived in Kyoto for years, she is very knowledgeable about Japan and took beautiful pictures with amazing props. She is very patient and baked treats for us.
March 2018
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Walking around Kyoto with Nùria was very nice. The streets were almost desert and she brought us through a beautiful path. She explained us many interesting things about Kyoto and Japanese culture. It is really worth it waking up early to join this experience!
May 2018
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Benefits of an early start

Enjoy the quietude

By rising early, you won’t only feel extremely accomplished; you’ll also be able to sense the peace and quietude that the city offers to those not scared of their alarms ringing.

Skip the crowds

While these two pictures were taken on the same day, the one on the left was during our morning Photo Tour, and the one on the right, during the regular Kyoto one day Tour.

Capture the golden light

There is no doubt about the perfection of the sunrise golden light. The aesthetics of this misty glow, will make your scenery shots so special and unique, that you won’t stop looking at them.

Take fabulous portraits

Do you always wonder how influencers manage to take portraits of themselves in tremendously crowded places? It’s usually only possible by rolling out of bed before the masses!

Places and Attractions

Where we'll be

Otani and Kiyomizudera

After meeting at Otani Mausoleum, we'll visit pass through small local shrines on the way up to Kiyomizu-dera Temple; where we'll have some amazing views over Kyoto.

Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka

Then we will take pictures to the Yasaka Pagoda as we stroll down the famous Sannenzaka and Ninenzaka Streets, and enjoy the city as it prepares to start its day.

Hidden Alleys and Ishibekoji

Next, I will then guide you through some back alleys of Higashiyama, and we will discover Ishibekoji and the hidden streets of Kyoto.

Yasaka Jinja and Maruyama Park

Finally, we will enter Yasaka Jinja Shrine, another great spot for photography, surrounded by the gorgeous Maruyama Park.

Now that you know all the secrets

You can take these pictures too!

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Tour & Host Details

Meet your Host

Hi! I’m NúriaI have been living in Kyoto since 2012 and enjoying every single bit of it. I love traveling, cooking, and anything Harry Potter or cat related (and I still play Pokémon Go!). Back home, in Barcelona, I worked as a Website Designer. Now I run a Spanish site about traveling in Japan. I lead tours, and recently started hosting airbnb activities.

Tour Details

Price: ¥5000 / person 
Schedule: 7AM – 9AM
Meeting: Higashiyama Gojo (map)
Languages: English, Spanish and Catalan

5 Stars Reviews on airbnb

I also offer this tour via airbnb, and I've managed to keep an average rating of five stars since the beginning.

¥5000 per person

This price includes te tour guide fees and all expenses, you don't have to tip anything extra if you don't feel like it.

Free to use props

I'll bring a japanese paper umbrella, and a paper fox mask, you can use them in your pictures to make them pop.