Rise and Shine Higashiyama

Scenic Kyoto Photo Tour

Snap the morning light as the city wakes up

Booking steps

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Information about your booking

Your deposit will be fully refundable if:

  • You cancel at least 7 days before the scheduled activity.

50% of your deposit will be partially refundable if:

  • You cancel 7 to 3 days before the scheduled activity.

Your deposit will be non-refundable if:

  • You cancel within 72 hours before the scheduled activity.
  • You don’t show up on time on the day of the scheduled activity.

INCLUDES the professional fees of the tour guide and all their expenses. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE food, drinks, or entry tickets to any building or temple. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE the transportation fees of guests.

Parents can bring children under 6 years old for free, and children from 6 to 12 years old can join at half price. Their participation must be indicated at the time of the booking as a requirement to benefit from the discount. If it’s not indicated at the time of the booking, the children’s parents or guardians will be asked to pay for their children’s spot.

Even having your booking confirmation, the tour starts on time. 7AM sharp. No delays. If you’re not at the meeting spot within 10 minutes of the departing time, the tour will start anyway, and you will not be able to join. You will not receive a refund for your deposit.

We are not responsible for having to cancel the activity due to sudden illness of the tour guide, extreme weather conditions, terrorist attack threats, typhoon, earthquakes, etc. If any of these situations were to happen, your deposit will be fully refunded, as long as you request it via email within 30 days of the cancelled activity.

Japan is a country based on order and etiquette. We ask those who participate in this activity to take these guidelines into account. (1) PHOTOGRAPHS. You can take pictures down the street, without any inconvenience. We will see houses with beautiful architecture, temples, and very photogenic narrow streets along the way. You can not photograph the entrances of the houses or anything that could compromise the privacy of local people, the Geisha and / or their companions or other passers-by. (2) VOICE TONE. We must try to speak respectfully and without making noise in temples, sanctuaries and residential areas. Avoid using mobile phones and playing music or videos with speakers. (3) PASSING OF VEHICLES. We will be walking through the streets that are NOT pedestrian. You have to be careful not to stand in the middle of the road, and always give way to bicycles, motorcycles and even cars. (4) OTHER RULES. Do not sit on the street or lean on the entrances of houses. No Smoking. Do not eat. No littering. Do not use a selfie stick in crowded areas.

Participation in the activity will be prohibited TO ANYONE WHO: (1) Is in a state of intoxication. (2) Carries any object that could cause harm to people or things. (3) Carries or consumes any type of drugs or any type of psychotropic substances. (4) Lack of personal grooming. (5) Disturbs the rhythm and peace of the group. (6) Cause or incite any disorder in the activity. (7) Do not accept the conditions of the activity cited on this website.